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How to repair DBF file of FoxPro database

Modified on 19/12/2022

DBF Repair Kit designed for recovery data from damaged DBF databases. The .dbf file repair tool allows to repair DBF file corruption in few clicks.

The repairing of corrupted *.dbf file of FoxPro, Clipper, dBase database - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download DBF Repair Kit here:
  2. Install DBF Repair Kit
  3. Start DBF Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.dbf file and press Next
  5. Preview repaired data from corrupted table and press Next
  6. Select name and path for repaired file and press Next
  7. Select version of repaired file
  8. Press Save button

How to repair DBF file?

.DBF file repair tool

DBF Repair Kit is a power-packed .DBF file repair tool featuring a uniquely efficient recovery core that is capable of identifying valuable elements in the most seriously damaged databases and successfully extracting them to the user's hard drive. The program's engine leverages the power of several intelligent algorithms that are combined to achieve the highest level of performance among similar solutions on the market.

This FoxPro DBF Repair tool from Repair Kit is intended for users seeking a third-party repair utility for Visual FoxPro tables affected by any type of data corruption accident: from virus attacks and experiments with unknown software to hard drive failures and file system errors.

Aimed at the most diverse audience, including professional system administrators, developers, data recovery experts and regular users, the program features a lightweight, clear and intuitive interface that consists of several steps of a DBF recovery wizard. Those who don't know how to repair DBF files error, not a database glitch, without previous first-hand experience will find it extremely easy to get the job done. DBF Repair Kit supports a broad range of DBF databases created in such programs as dBase III, dBase IV, Visual FoxPro 3.x+, Clipper and others.

Third-party repair utility for visual FoxPro tables

The product never modifies the structure of damaged source files, supports different encodings, and recovers the maximum of valuable data from corrupted DBF files. This Visual FoxPro table repair utility is capable of saving users an ample amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on the services of a specialized data recovery company, and lets them keep their confidential data in-house. The program has a very compact installation file, can be deployed in seconds, and is ready for DBF file recovery immediately after installation. It requires absolutely no additional components to be downloaded from the web and supports all major Windows versions, including Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

How to repair DBF files error not a database?

Some of the most remarkable features of DBF Repair Kit:

  • Recovery of users' data from DBF databases in dBase III, dBase IV, Visual FoxPro 3.x (or later), Clipper and other formats.
  • A user-friendly wizard-based interface suitable for all categories of users willing to find out how to repair DBF file data.
  • An integrated database browser for previewing the contents of damaged database files.
  • Ability to select the version of the output DBF file.
  • A powerful proprietary core for ultimate recovery efficiency.
  • A log shown upon the completion of each recovery session.
Visual FoxPro table repair utility

DBF Repair Kit is an indispensable tool in the collection of any database professional dealing with occasional DBF file corruption and an optimal choice for a regular user looking for a cost-efficient way of restoring data from a damage database without spending a fortune on specialized services.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above



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