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How to repair RTF file

Modified on 19/12/2022

RTF Repair Kit offering a data recovery from corrupted Rich Text documents. RTF Repair Tool helps to repair RTF file corrupted.

How to repair Rich Text document. The repairing of corrupted Rich Text document - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download RTF Repair Kit here:
  2. Install RTF Repair Kit
  3. Start RTF Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted document
  5. Press Analyze
  6. Confirm the recovery of file by press OK
  7. Preview a recovered text
  8. Press Start Recovery button and select item:
    • Export to MS Word to export into new Word document
    • Save as Plain Text to save text file

How to repair RTF file corrupted?

.RTF file repair

RTF Repair Kit is a comprehensive solution for fast, accurate and thorough recovery of text from damaged RTF documents. This online RTF repair tool is based on a powerful file analysis engine that combines several intelligent heuristic algorithms to identify as much recoverable content in damaged files as possible, and extract it to a safe location. This .rtf file repair program knows how to repair RTF file corrupted in all types of accidents: OS crashes, hardware failures, power outages, virus attacks and even users' tampering with unfamiliar system software.

The program was designed by Repair Kit engineers as a universal solution for users looking to find an answer to the question "How to repair RTF files?" The product is meant for a very wide audience ranging from home users to professionals working in large companies and facing countless cases of RTF file corruption on a daily basis. To make the program more accessible, its authors equipped it with a highly intuitive and self-explanatory user interface that uses the concept of a step-by-step recovery wizard to guide the user through all stages of the recovery process. The wizard minimizes the probability of a human error and fully automates the recovery process, which makes it a perfect choice for inexperienced users who are not aware how repair RTF document procedures should be administered.

Text filtering is one of the most remarkable features of the program that ensures that extracted texts containing meaningful content only, without system characters, tags, service marks or any other irrelevant elements. This repair corrupt RTF file software is fully compatible with a wide range of Windows (from Windows 98 through Windows 7) and has extremely modest system requirements, enabling users to run it on older systems. The installation file of RTF Repair Kit is very compact and the program itself requires absolutely no external components, like frameworks or libraries, to operate.

How to repair RTF files?

RTF Repair Kit is an absolute must-have for copywriters, editors, translators and representatives of dozens of other professions whose work is closely tied with text processing. RTF files are often handed over on flash drives, sent via instant messengers or other channels, and can be damaged just as easily as any other files. This product will make RTF file corruption a minor incident, as opposed to a full-scale tragedy that it usually becomes.

How repair RTF document?

The most important features of this online RTF repair tool are:

  • Fast and powerful file analysis and data recovery core developed by Repair Kit on the basis of the most efficient text file analysis algorithms
  • Convenient, lightweight and easy-to-follow wizard-based user interface
  • Built-in file content preview module
  • Advanced text clean-up and filtering helps remove "rubbish" elements from recovered texts
  • Compact installation file, no additional components required
  • Detailed log file shown at the end of each recovery session
Repair corrupt RTF file software

The free demo of RTF Repair Kit is available for download on the official site of its developer, Repair Kit.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above



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